Connection Sahara

Trips to Morocco

Connection Sahara organizes trips to Morocco and the Sahara Desert and offers you the chance to experience a journey through Morocco and up to the Sahara Desert which will be a delight for your senses.

As members of the Berber community we will share our experiences with you to help you understand our land, our origins, our perfumes and our customs in trips which are very different from the standard tourist travels, making each of your steps unique and special, just like every feeling and every moment of your journey.

Travelling to Morocco means discovering an exotic country which is nevertheless much closer than you think. And it is the different way of understanding life and the unique landscapes that make it look much more distant than it actually is. In Morocco you will be able enjoy landscapes as surprising as the desert opposite the Mediterranean Sea and experience from the most refined luxury to the bustling medina - all this in a country full of contrasts that has so much to offer.