Connection Sahara

What we offer


Sahara Tours by private 4x4 vehicle with A / C and Berber guide and driver exclusively devoted to you 100%


Friendly staff in all overnight stays during the route, thanks to the confidence gained by our guides, you will feel at home in all hotels / riads where you stay.


be free to decide where to stop, to rest and change the views of its routes across the Sahara at all times during the trip, with the help of your tour guide will decide what is most important to see and varying travel times and visits according to your preferences.


with the utmost professionalism by our guide Berber origin, on our routes you will have the privilege of discovering with them their customs and their day to day as if it were one of them.


With the efforts of all who work in Connection Sahara, devote all our resources and experience to make your trip to your complete satisfaction at all times and together, make it a memorable trip for you.

Travel Sahara

Connection Sahara is not a conventional travel agency, avoiding the massive and destructive tourism, offer concepts and values ​​such as exclusivity, quality, dedication to service, discretion and subtlety when developing each trip-project, unique experiences than yourself designs and unique experiences that you only live always with the utmost responsibility to the environment and respect for local development.

From the Connection Sahara team is a pleasure bring you the kindness and beauty of a place called Morocco and visit the thousand and one ways to reach the Sahara desert. Contact us to arrange a trip to Morocco.

And is that the Sahara desert is one of the greatest natural spectacles that can be seen in the world and is much closer than it appears. We offer you a lot of routes through the Sahara as most of the routes that we offer include trips to the Sahara.

With our tours you will discover the Sahara desert so this scene of Arabian stories hidden since time immemorial and all its beauties, which are numerous. Trips to Sahara also suggest you include visits to other cities and other attractions in the area.

And is that Morocco could not be understood without its routes through the Sahara. Sahara Travel is an unforgettable experience.