5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech

5 Days

5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech overview

With our specially created “Morocco itinerary of 5 days,” set off on an incredible 5-day trip throughout Morocco’s breathtaking landscapes and energetic cities. This well-orchestrated excursion will transport you to the stunning Sahara Desert, where you will wander through the charming blue alleyways of Chefchaouen and discover the bustling marketplaces of Fes.

Wandering through vibrant marketplaces, sampling mouthwatering traditional cuisine, and taking in the stunning architecture wherever you look will let you fully appreciate Morocco’s rich culture. From the vibrant alleyways brimming with aromatic spices to the enormous golden sand dunes, every day of this 5-day Morocco itinerary will highlight a different facet of this enthralling nation.

Every second of your five days in Morocco will be magical and full of wonder, whether you are exploring the undiscovered treasures of Chefchaouen, getting lost in the old medina of Fes, or staring up at the starry night sky in the Sahara. Await the enchantment of Morocco as you set off on an amazing journey that skillfully blends discovery, cultural immersion, and stunning scenery.

5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech highlights:

  • Finding the Mysteries and Undiscovered Gems of Chefchaouen, Morocco's
  • Charming Blue City
  • Walking the Fes Medina's Historic Streets
  • Viewing the Desert's Beauty from a Camel Ride
  • Astounding at the Magnificent Sunset/Sunrise Over the Erg Dune of Chebbi
  • A Beautiful Walk in the Pictureque Todra Canyon and Sleeping Under the Stars in the Heart of the Desert
  • Savouring the Magnificent Views of the High Atlas Mountains

5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech Itinerary

Start your 5-day Moroccan adventure at your hotel or the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. Our friendly local guide will be there to assist you. 

We will next embark on an adventurous journey to Chefchaouen, a stunning hamlet tucked away in northern Morocco's Rif Mountains.

In Chefchaouen, you'll settle into your gorgeous hotel or riad and have some free time to explore the city and its well-known blue-painted streets. Chefchaouen is famous for its distinctive and lovely blue-washed buildings. Wander slowly around the little lanes, stopping at the busy marketplaces or unwinding at one of the small cafés and eateries serving mouthwatering Moroccan cuisine. 

You will spend the night in a beautiful hotel or riad, where you can unwind and enjoy the tranquility. It perfectly caps off an amazing day in Chefchaouen.

After a filling breakfast at your hotel or riad, prepare for an incredible trip to Fes. 

When you arrive in Fes, a friendly local guide will be eagerly waiting for you. They will demonstrate to you everything this amazing medieval city has to offer. Wander around the old streets, taking in the stunning architecture and intriguing past. You can enjoy lunch in the vibrant Medina, where you can experience the authentic tastes and aromas of regional cuisine.

Following a busy day of sightseeing, you will get to unwind in a beautiful riad in the center of Fes Medina. This particular location will be like your own tranquil haven in the middle of a busy metropolis. As you get comfortable in your new house for the evening, take some time to relax and enjoy Fes' beauty. 

Following breakfast at your Fes riad, we will embark on an amazing desert adventure. The desert is waiting for us as we go south toward Merzouga. We'll stop briefly along the route in the quaint city of Ifrane so you can relax and take in the stunning surroundings. 

Driving forward, we'll pass through the Middle Atlas Mountains and stop at a cedar wood. Here, you can see Barbary apes in their natural environment. Then, to make sure you have the energy to continue, we will stop for a full lunch at a restaurant along the way. 

We would soon be entering the enthralling Ziz Valley, well-known for its profusion of palm tree oases. You can admire this lush setting before we enter the desert.

Our afternoon trip to the desert will start your real camel caravan adventure. Riding your reliable camel, traverse the magnificent sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. We'll create a truly romantic moment by stopping along the way to watch a stunning sunset from a high dune.

We will arrive at an opulent camp via camel trekking. When you arrive, we'll take you to your tent to relax and change. As night falls, our camp staff will serve a delectable supper featuring a sample of regional cuisine. Under the starry sky, assemble around a warm campfire, where our camp staff will dazzle you with Berber music and energetic drumming. Another element of enjoyment in the evening's festivities is the chance to learn how to play the drums yourself. 

It's strongly advised to get up early today to see the amazing sunrise over Erg Chebbi's dunes. You have the option of taking a 4x4 car to Merzouga or riding a camel after a filling brunch. When your guide or driver arrives, he will be prepared to continue your journey to Dades Gorge. 

Throughout the trip, you will have the opportunity to visit several amazing locations, such as the Rissani traditional market (if you go on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday market day). In addition to taking in the stunning views of the Todra River, you will have a lovely walk through the Todra Gorge.

As we approach Dades Gorge, expect to be astounded by the amazing rock formations that resemble monkey fingers. Before arriving at your hotel for the evening, take in the expansive splendor of the Gorges on a picturesque drive through the Dades Valley. To ensure a quiet night, comfortably rest in a beautiful hotel.

On the last day of your 5-day Morocco trip, we will go into Ouarzazate, often referred to as the "Hollywood of Africa" and the "Gateway to the Desert." You may choose to tour Atlas Studios, the biggest film studio in Morocco, while you're there. Discover well-known film locations and learn about the movie's creation.

Following our exploration of the studios, we will go to Ait Ben Haddou. Among the numerous films that have included the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou are "The Gladiator" and "Lawrence of Arabia." Wander slowly around this ancient landmark, taking in its magnificent decorations and complex construction. 

Following a filling lunch at a nearby eatery, we will go on over the High Atlas Mountains. As you go, enjoy the amazing views of the surroundings. Ultimately, your 5-day Morocco tour will come to a conclusion when we arrive in Marrakech late in the afternoon. 

5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech Includes

What are including in 5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech

  • Pick up from the airport or your hotel in Casablanca on the first day
  • Comfortable transportation in a private air-conditioned 4x4 vehicle, van, or minibus (depending on your group size)
  • A knowledgeable driver who can communicate in English or an English-speaking driver and a tour guide
  • A local guide provided to help you explore the vibrant city of Fes
  • Accommodation for 4 nights with breakfast included
  • Enjoy dinner at your desert camp and hotel in Dades Gorge
  • Experience an exceptional camel trekking adventure
  • Sandboarding

What are Excluding in 5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech

  • Lunches
  • Dinner in Chefchaouen and Fes
  • Drinks
  • Entrance fees once needed
  • Tips (optional)

tour map: 5 days Morocco itinerary from casablanca to marrakech

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