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7 Days

7 days from casablanca to marrakech overview

Have you just got a week to spend in Morocco, a fascinating and varied nation? Fear not, because we have a comprehensive 7-day Morocco itinerary that will let you see the finest that this jewel of North Africa has to offer.

This 7-day tour makes it simple to discover the finest of Morocco, from its busy cities to its natural treasures and historic places. This itinerary will sample everything the nation has to offer, from the Sahara Desert and the Atlas Mountains to the azure metropolis of Chefchaouen. So prepare for a trip of a lifetime in Morocco and pack!

7 days from casablanca to marrakech highlights:

  • Discovering Casablanca's stunning Hassan II Mosque
  • Finding the Enchanting Blue City of Morocco, Chefchaouen, and its Hidden Gems
  • Amazing the historic Volubilis ruins
  • cruising the old Medina streets of Fes
  • The splendor of the desert as seen from a camel trip
  • Appreciating the amazing view of the dawn or sunset over the Erg Chebbi Dunes
  • A desert night spent sleeping among the stars
  • Appreciating a wonderful stroll in the stunning Todra Canyon
  • Satisfying the breathtaking vistas of the High Atlas Mountains

7 days from casablanca to marrakech Itinerary

Our friendly local tour guide will accompany you on your warm welcome at the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca to start your 7-day journey.

The Hassan II Mosque, one of Morocco's most magnificent architectural marvels, is the destination of our intriguing trip from there. The elaborate tile work, the carved marble, and the breathtaking views of the ocean will all wow you when you visit. This mosque, with the world's second-tallest minaret, is a sight to behold!

After the mosque, we will go to Rabat, Morocco's capital. The richly cultural and historically significant Oudayas Kasbah and the Hassan Tower will be visible there.

We will then take you to your Rabat lodging at the end of the day so you can unwind and get ready for the exciting experiences that lie ahead.

If you arrive at the airport late at night, we will drive you directly to your Casablanca hotel so you can rest and prepare for the trip the next day.

Following a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel or riad, we will head for Chefchaouen, a stunning town in northern Morocco's Rif Mountains. About four hours separate Rabat from Chefchaouen on the route, which takes you through breathtaking scenery of undulating hills and charming towns.

When you get to Chefchaouen, you will check into your hotel or riad, and then have some free time to explore the city and its well-known blue-painted streets. Chefchaouen is renowned for its magnificent blue-washed structures, which give the city a stunning look. The medina (old town) has numerous little lanes and streets to explore, lively souks (markets), or laid-back cafés and restaurants serving mouthwatering Moroccan food.

All things considered, your day in Chefchaouen looks to be one to remember, complete with breathtaking landscapes, cultural immersion, and mouthwatering cuisine. Remember to bring your camera so you can take photos of everything!

A leisurely drive through the charming Rif villages will start your day after breakfast at your riad. Before you get to the once-Roman city of Volubilis, you will see the splendor of the Moroccan landscape.

This is the place to discover the intriguing past of this old city and tour its remains. Famous for its magnificent public structures from the third century and its well-preserved mosaics, Volubilis is a city of contrasts. Strolling among the remains offers a glimpse into the lives of the Romans who once inhabited this area.

Following our tour of the Volubilis ruins, we will go to Meknes, a 17th-century Moroccan metropolis.

After lunch, we will continue on to the city's medina, a walled ancient town with the renowned Bab el Mansour gate.

Among the most magnificent gates in Morocco is the Bab el Mansour one, which has exquisite carvings and intricate motifs. The opportunity to see the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, a holy place honoring the well-known Sultan Moulay Ismail, will also present itself.

You will spend the night at a stunning Riad in Fes after a day of seeing Volubilis and Meknes.

With a local guide, embark on a fascinating full-day tour of the dynamic city of Fes, renowned for its rich history and culture. Fes, the national cultural and religious hub and one of Morocco's imperial cities, is full of undiscovered historical and cultural gems.

Visit the Royal Palace entrance to begin your tour, then lose yourself in the labyrinthine alleys and lanes of the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Medina. The Chouara Tanneries, the Nejjarine Fountain, the Al-Attarine Madrasa, and Al-Qarawiyyin University are all on display here. Savor the magnificent architecture and minute features of these ancient sites.

Travel on to the Jewish neighborhood, also known as "the Mellah," to learn about the intriguing history of Fes' Jewish population. Before going back to your Riad, stop at an old fortification to enjoy the expansive vista of the Medina and the city of Fes. Under the direction of an informed local guide, this full-day trip will undoubtedly be an amazing experience that enables you to completely immerse yourself in Fes's history and culture.

After breakfast at your Fes riad, we'll embark on a desert adventure. Driving south toward Merzouga will take you into the desert. Along the route, you'll take a little break and enjoy the landscape in the city of Ifrane.

Next, you'll see several Barbary apes in a cedar woodland in the Middle Atlas Mountains. Then, after lunch at a restaurant along the route, you'll go to the Ziz Valley, a palm tree-filled haven.

Arriving in the desert in the afternoon, you will start your real camel journey over Erg Chebbi's sand dunes. You'll stop along the way across the desert to see a stunning sunset from a high dune. You will then proceed to your opulent desert camp.

When you arrive, your camp staff will take you to your own tent to relax and change. Following a delectable supper, your camp staff will play drums and sing Berber songs as you all congregate around a campfire under the starry sky. The chance to pick up drumming will also present itself.

To see a breathtaking dawn over the Erg Chebbi dunes, get up early. Following a filling breakfast, you may either take a 4x4 to the village of Merzouga or leave the camp by camel once again. Your driver will take you back to Dades Gorge for the rest of your trip.

If you manage to go on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday market day, you will have the chance to visit the traditional market in Rissani, among other intriguing locations. The Todra River and the Dades River will be spectacularly visible as you meander through the magnificent Todra Gorge.

Arriving in Dades Gorge, get ready to be in awe of the amazing rock formations that resemble monkey fingers. Before you eventually reach your accommodation for the evening, you'll get to travel through the Dades Valley and get a broad perspective of the Gorges. Overnight, enjoy an elegant hotel stay.

On the last day of your 7-day trip to Morocco, we will go for Ouarzazate, often referred to as the "Hollywood of Africa" or the "Gateway to the Desert." You have the option to tour Atlas Studios, the biggest film studio in Morocco, while you are there. You will get to see well-known movie locations and discover the shooting process.

After visiting the studios, we will head towards Ait Ben Haddou to visit the well-known Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been featured in several motion pictures, such as "The Gladiator" and "Lawrence of Arabia." You'll get to see this ancient landmark and appreciate its elaborate decorations and intricate construction.

Following lunch at a restaurant, we'll go on to the High Atlas Mountains, stopping along the route to appreciate the stunning scenery. Your 7-day Morocco tour will come to a conclusion when we arrive in Marrakech late in the afternoon.

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